API SummaryΒΆ

hmf.cosmo Module dealing with cosmological models.
hmf.transfer_models Various models for computing the transfer function.
hmf.transfer Module providing a framework for transfer functions.
hmf.halofit Implements the HALOFIT (Smith+2003, Takahashi+2012) method.
hmf.growth_factor Module defining the growth factor Component.
hmf.filters A module containing various smoothing filter Component models, including the popular top-hat in real space.
hmf.fitting_functions A module defining several mass function fits.
hmf.hmf The primary module for user-interaction with the hmf package.
hmf.wdm Module containing Warm Dark Matter models.
hmf.integrate_hmf A supporting module that provides a routine to integrate the differential hmf in a robust manner.
hmf.functional This module provides functions for generating several hmf.hmf.MassFunction instances from a combination of lists of parameters, in optimal order.
hmf.sample Module for dealing with sampled mass functions.
hmf._framework Classes defining the overall structure of the hmf framework.