Module containing Warm Dark Matter models.

This module contains both WDM Components (basic WDM models and also recalibrators for the HMF) and Frameworks (Transfer and MassFunction). The latter inject WDM modelling into the standard CDM Frameworks, and provide an example of how one would go about this for other alternative cosmologies.


cached_property(*parents) A robust property caching decorator.
get_model(name, mod, **kwargs) Returns an instance of name from the module mod, with given params.
parameter(f) A simple cached property which acts more like an input value.


Bode01(mx, cosmo, z, **model_params)
Component(**model_params) Base class representing a component model.
Lovell14(m, dndm0, wdm, **model_parameters) Lovell+2014 recalibration of the WDM HMF.
MassFunctionWDM([alter_dndm, alter_params]) A subclass of hmf.MassFunction that mixes in WDM capabilities.
Schneider12(m, dndm0, wdm, **model_parameters) Schneider+2012 recalibration of the WDM HMF.
Schneider12_vCDM(m, dndm0, wdm, ...) Schneider+2012 recalibration of the CDM HMF.
TransferWDM([wdm_mass, wdm_model, wdm_params]) A subclass of hmf.transfer.Transfer that mixes in WDM capabilities.
Viel05(mx, cosmo, z, **model_params) Transfer function from Viel 2005 (which is exactly the same as Bode et al.
WDM(mx, cosmo, z, **model_params) Base class for all WDM components.
WDMRecalibrateMF(m, dndm0, wdm, ...) Base class for Components that emulate the effect of WDM on the HMF empirically.