The primary module for user-interaction with the hmf package.

The module contains a single class, MassFunction, which wraps almost all the functionality of hmf in an easy-to-use way.


cached_property(*parents) A robust property caching decorator.
get_model(name, mod, **kwargs) Returns an instance of name from the module mod, with given params.
int_gtm(M, dndm[, mass_density]) Cumulatively integrate dn/dm.
issubclass_(arg1, arg2) Determine if a class is a subclass of a second class.
minimize(fun, x0[, args, method, jac, hess, ...]) Minimization of scalar function of one or more variables.
parameter(f) A simple cached property which acts more like an input value.


Filter(k, power, **model_parameters) Base class for Filter components.
MassFunction([Mmin, Mmax, dlog10m, ...]) An object containing all relevant quantities for the mass function.
TopHat(k, power, **model_parameters) Real-space top-hat window function.
spline alias of InterpolatedUnivariateSpline