Module dealing with cosmological models.

The main class is Cosmology, which is a framework wrapping the astropy cosmology classes, while converting it to a hmf._framework.Framework for use in this package.

Also provided in the namespace are the pre-defined cosmologies from astropy: WMAP5, WMAP7, WMAP9, Planck13 and Planck15, which may be used as arguments to the Cosmology framework. All custom subclasses of astropy.cosmology.FLRW may be used as inputs.


get_cosmo(name) Returns a FLRW cosmology given a string (must be one defined in this module).


Cosmology([cosmo_model, H0, Om0, Tcmb0, ...]) Basic Cosmology object.
FLRW(H0, Om0, Ode0[, Tcmb0, Neff, m_nu, ...]) A class describing an isotropic and homogeneous (Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker) cosmology.